Minimi Wraps

Minimi Wraps

Wrap Mi Up!



The Minimi Wrap targets fat reduction in specific problem areas – this wrap targets fat loss not fluid! Spectacular results seen in one hour, with fat reduction continuing for up to 72 hours.


The Main ingredient is an active phospholipid solution, which is pre-blended with essential oils containing a cellulite blend.  For maximum results we recommend a six week course. There is no need to shower. There is no mess! The solution remains on the skin (for 24 hours) and will stay active inside for 3 days!  The membrane used is a special type of heat inducing film wrap which is used during the treatment. (NB Wrapture is not cling film or shrink wrap, which infers plastic into the skin). You do not lose water – only toxins that are drawn out and flushed through you lymphatic system.


  • Most clients lose between 6-9 inches in 1 HOUR!


The Minimi wrap improves skin tone, tightens and firms. We guarantee that you will drop a dress size in a single treatment!

How does it work?

Minimi breaks down fatty deposits by non-surgical lipolysis which disrupts and changes the permeability of the fat cell reducing and removing fatty deposits, offering you an easy way to achieve inch loss.


  • There’s no messy mud – we use a beautifully hydrating body oil.
  • No uncomfortable perspiration – you are kept at a comfortable temperature during the treatment to allow the oil to absorb into your skin.





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  • £45 for one wrap
  • £245 for a course of 6


Call us now on 01462 422488 to book your Minimi Wrap!

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