Lipofirm Wraps


Banish your fat with a Lipofirm Wrap, a highly scientifically proven fat cell reduction treatment. Lipofirm Wrap works by breaking down fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglycerides through the body’s natural waste processes allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body.  Lipofirm Wrap is based on active ingredients and applied topically using a transdermal system for the bio-active phospholipids to travel to the adipose fat cell. The wrap solution needs to activated by heat to trigger the ingredients to deepen and destruct the fat cell.

The Science


Produced and developed by scientists in Italy, Lipofirm Wrap’s development has been based on years of clinical studies relating to cell fat reduction and its long term effects.

Lipofirm Wrap’s unique action is based on its active ingredient belonging to the phospholipids family. When the bio active ingredients reach the fat cell, an intra-cellular reaction occurs as the phospholipids come into contact with the cell wall membrane. This causes breakdown in lipid structure, through dispersion of the phosphate heads allowing the tail end of the phosphate to release into the aqueous environment of the semi inclusion liquid held in the cytosol of the cell allowing free movement of triglycerides.

The action of the phospholipids aids the transportation of the free flowing inclusion by way of the emulsified triglycerides being in lipid state. This therefore, enables more direct transportation to the lymph vessels and is exited from the body via the waste systems.


Lipofirm WRAP Key Ingredients


Vitus Vinifera (Grapeseed Oil) – Grape seed oil has several important health benefits. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. The polyphenols and flavonoids found in this oil contain strongantioxidant compounds.

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) – Bitter orange extract has been used within formulation of Lipofirm Wrap as it is used in weight management products due to its purported effects on metabolic processes, including an increase in basal metabolic rate and lipolysis as well as mild appetite suppression.

Caffeine – This ingredient has the ability to constrict small blood vessels and reduce inflammation, reduction of cellulite and contains anti oxidants. These qualities serve caffeine well as an ingredient as where caffeine’s ability to cause dehydration is put to good use drawing excess fluid from fat cells to improve the skin’s appearance.

Taurine – Essential ingredient for cardiovascular function and has blood cholesterol-lowering effects, furthermore body weight also decreased significantly with the use of this ingredient. It acts as an antioxidant and protects against toxicity of various substances within the body. In cells, Taurine keeps potassium and magnesium inside the cell, while keeping excessive sodium out. In this sense, it works like a diuretic, because it aids the movement of potassium, sodium, and calcium in and out of the cell.


Lipofirm Wrap: Before and After

Kerie in the wrap!

Kerie in the wrap!

Kerie post wrap!

Kerie post wrap!

Lipofirm Wrap is a 45 minute treatment – £50


Call us today to book your wrap and see some immediate results – 01462 422488!

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