Body Boutique Inch Loss Wraps

Inch Loss Wraps

By Body Boutique

  • Promote immediate long-term inch loss.
  • Target problem areas-buttocks,thighs, stomach, calves, chest arms.
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Re-tone and tighten loose skin.
  • Suitable for women and men.


Body Boutique’s detox wrap can be ideal for slimming and firming legs, bottoms, hips and arms, visibly reducing the effects of ageing, perking up breasts and diminishing stretch marks.


In addition it can help the rapid break-down and elimination of fatty deposits that may cause cellulite.. perfect preparation for party season and that little black dress.


Just one treatment helps bust inches, tighten, firm, lift and sculpt your body. The unique formula uses sea clay, distilled to its purest level to draw toxins from in and around the fat cells, then flush them out through the body’s lymphatic system promoting instant inch loss and improved skin tone.


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The formula also contains aloe vera which helps tighten and tone the skin and the essential oil of Rose Absolute which soothes, tones, cleanses, uplifts the spirit and boosts confidence, as well as being good for thread vein.


This inch loss wrap is not based on dehydration/water loss so you won’t regain inches when taking on fluids. You are actively encouraged to drink water afterwards to keep flushing the toxins out.


Book yourself in for a Body Boutique Detox Wrap and receive a complimentary express facial by BeautyLab at the same time.


Single Treatment £55


Course of three £150


Call us now on 01462 422488 to book your Body Boutique Detox Wrap

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