Chelsea Brows

Chelsea Brows


We are excited to introduce Chelsea Brows, a Harvey Nichols best seller, we know you will love them as much as we do!


Chelsea Brows offer a large range of top quality powder colours and are long lasting. The range also includes Brow Surge, Brow Gel, a Duo Highlighter Concealer, brushes and tweezers.

Brow Shaping Services

Kerry decided that Brows needed to be known, so 5 yrs ago Kerry went to Beverly Hills and bought back BDB and launched it here ..  so when her contract had finished she had already decided what brand she would fall in love with – Chelsea Brows. Working with brows every single day and learning from around the world, she has been recognised across the country as a sassy brow designer. To this day she works on brows all day every day and teaching everything with eyes and lashes. Whether you are looking for soft and subtle, or strong and bold Kerry will work her magic. Thankfully, there is a cure for brows that have been plucked away, as Kerry would know from the 80’s with small brows. Kerry has had to use a brow growth and the only product to actually work is the Chelsea Brow Surge. This product actually works and she now has a full set of brows!


The KH Salon is a leading Brow Bar in Hitchin. When you arrive you will have a consultation with your brow artist, and we will decide together what you are looking for. Your treatment takes half hour, your brows are measured and the design is decided alongside your hair colour. No threading is used  the best wax – Perron wax –  is used and your brow will be worked on along with a foot and and pressure point massage. Brow extensions are available, with a patch test, if we cannot grow your hair back.


Brow Design: £22


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See Chelsea Brows in Action

Introduction to Chelsea Brows

Magic Brow Lift

Chelsea Brow Mascara

Chelsea Brows Training


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