Botox Treatments in Hitchin

Turn back the clock …



Dr Maria Rosca MBBS MRC GP

Maria is a doctor and aesthetic practitioner. We are delighted to be able to have her in our boutique.  Kerry has had used Botox for 6 years but has had some terrible experiences with so called nurses … quite frankly she has been so disappointed, until now. The rules have changed and doctors can only work with this procedure, thank goodness as this makes the world of injections safe.


Professional Advice


If you are looking for Botox or Fillers, then please call us and speak to Kerry. She will guide you through and book you into see the doctor, Maria will talk you though the procedure, the consultation is free and on the same day you can have your treatment straight after. You will then come back in two weeks for a top up.


  • £180 one area
  • £250 two areas
  • £300 three areas
  • Filler £250 per syringe
  • Bespoke peels £25 consultation


Call us now on 01462 422488 to book

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