Dry Bar Menu

Blow Dry Menu – Call for prices


Select from our menu of eight signature styles and we’ll have you looking fab-u-lous in 30 minutes.

Hollywood Glam


Absolute A-List, Hollywood Glamour – the big blow dry with the big personality. Loads of volume for maximum impact.

Power Blow


Straight from the sidewalk of NYC, this classic blow dry will give volume and shine. An immaculate finish for City Slickers.

Short and Sweet


Who says long-hair has all the fun. Blow dried short, sweet, straight and sassy. No frizz just whizz.

Chick Flick


Short, flicky pixie blow dries. Lots of movement, lots of personality.

Curly Wurly


Move over Curly Sue! Hot tongs, volume and bounce. You”ll be skipping out of the salon.

Beach Babe


Been sunbathing and frolicking in the Pacific for 8 hours? No, neither have we. Create that Pamela Anderson beach-tousled look, bring a little summer into your day.

Feline Flick


Meow! Bobbed, short, smooth and sassy. You’ll be the cat that got the cream.

Sassy Style

Cleopatra looking at YA! Channel your inner Uma, smooth, glossy. Think Paris in the Spring. Va Va Vroom.


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